The Kidney Disease Solution PDF:

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF – The Kidney Disease Solution by Duncan Capicchiano and Fiona Chin Book PDF Download

The kidneys are a vital part of the human body, performing tasks like filtering and synthesizing blood and regulating the body’s water balance. With an estimated worldwide prevalence of chronic kidney disease of 12%, it’s important that those suffering from it have all the tools they need to live a happy and healthy life. The following article gathers some alternative remedies out there today to help with kidney disease, including herbal remedies.

Most people will say that you should take medicine from a doctor, but in some cases it can be helpful to use herbs as your medicine. In this article, we’ll be discussing natural solutions. Can they be effective to reversed and repaired your kidney?

If you have been diagnosed with kidney disease, you may have asked your doctor, “What can I do about it?” Unfortunately, you are probably disappointed and disappointed by the answer.

Western medical opinion is that kidney problems are one-way – they worsen until you undergo dialysis or a transplant. Doctors also tell you to expect insomnia, muscle aches, itching, swelling, fatigue and many other symptoms.

Just like so many people, you may feel hopeless or sad. No one wants to watch him/herself get worse and not have quality time with their loved ones. It’s completely understandable.

But is it true that Kidney disease is really a one-way street the way medical professional put it?

What if your Doctor and other medical professional were wrong about kidney disease? What if there is a way to stop it or even reversed it?

We always see our doctors as people who know everything and have our best interests at heart. If there’s one thing, anything! can they tell us for sure?

The fact is that doctors work in a narrow and strict medical system. There is no doubt that Western medicine can be a good thing, but the system rather rejects natural, holistic teachings, some of which have served us for thousands of years. If it is not shiny, new and made in a high-tech laboratory, it will not be appreciated.

And doctors who try to think outside the set system? Doctors who understands the immense power and value of what nature gives us? Trying to take the old wisdom and connect with modern progress?

These Doctors are quickly red-taped and put back in their places, or the worst, they are cast out of the system altogether.

The true is When it comes to kidney disease, it is time to accept that there is an important place for both western and holistic approaches.

So can a damage kidneys be heal naturally?

Yes, it can be done!

Duncan Capicchiano ND and Fiona Chin ND, both naturopaths, nutritionists and medical researchers, have been specializing in natural healing solutions for kidney and kidney health for over 10 years now. Both Duncan and Fiona interest in in healing Kidney naturally began when Fiona Nanna was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney disease at the age of 73.

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF
The Kidney Disease Solution PDF

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF:

After the diagnosis, Duncan and Fiona looked for natural remedies that would help support Nanna’s kidney health. They used every ounce of energy in the study to create a treatment protocol for Nanna. Even they were amazed at the power of what they found. With the protocol they developed, they helped Nanna recover from stage 4 to stage 1 kidney disease in just 12 weeks. Her creatinine declined, her GFR increased.

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF: The kidney disease solution a whole-body approach.

Building on the success with Nanna, Duncan and Fiona have developed a kidney disease solution, a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to natural kidney treatment. Since then, they have helped more than 25,000 men and women achieve the same life-changing results.

Duncan says that in order to have the best chance of recovery from kidney disease, your way of thinking need to go beyond the kidneys. The Kidney Disease Solution supports a whole body approach with regard to the specific causes of kidney disease.

Duncan also points out that there are lots of causes of kidney failure, including diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus and Alport’s syndrome. By addressing the causes of kidney disease in other parts of the body, you can prevent these diseases from further impairing kidney function.

Diet and Nutrition are also critical areas of focus. Traditional advice includes this concern, but according to Duncan it is insufficient. For example, common advice would be to reduce sodium intake or potassium intake. Solid advice, but it doesn’t cover what you should eat instead. Replacing potassium-rich foods with unhealthy alternatives simply makes your other health problems worse – and may contribute to the decline of your kidneys.

One way the Kidney Disease Solution is getting its point across is by using natural supplements. The herbal medicine they use is from reputable suppliers and can help improve people’s kidney health.

In a clinical study, chitosan improved quality of life for 80 people with kidney problems by lowering creatinine and urea levels within four weeks.

This is just one of the natural remedies used in the Kidney Disease Solution. When kidney disease has progressed enough, there’s still hope to restore your renal function and quality of life.

So What Should You Expect and What is included in Duncan and Fiona’s Kidney Disease Solution?

The Kidney Disease Solution PDF by Duncan Capicchiano and Fiona Chin is a step-by-step program for naturally reversing impaired kidney function and avoiding dialysis and transplant, everything you need to know and heal your kidney naturally.

The Kidney Disease Solution Program PDF Features:

· A series of natural treatment plans to improve kidney function and health
· A kidney repair system that combines ancient medicine and modern scientific methods
· A comprehensive nutrition of the kidneys and diet, including recipes and a cookbook
· Set of yoga video for kidney health & energy
· Stress management tips and a meditation audio to guide you
· Materials to educate you more about understanding kidney health and disease
· Free updates in line with the latest kidney research
· Free email support from a team of kidney health experts (qualified naturopaths)

You can get instant access to The Kidney Disease Solution PDF by visiting their official website.

Visit The Kidney Disease Solution Program Official Site and start the process of reversing your kidney disease.

The Kidney Disease Solution Official Site

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